You are struggling with the effects of fatigue.

You are tired of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed!  You are ready for change!  

A shorter-length program appeals to you.  The 4-week time commitment feels more realistic for your busy life.

My 4-Week Kickstart - Road to Rejuvenation program is perfect for you!

For the majority of women, sleep deprivation and fatigue are not caused by a medical condition*, but rather lifestyle habits.  

During our one-on-one coaching time together, we will take a deep dive into exploring how your fatigue is impacting your day-to-day, examining lifestyle patterns that are sabotaging consistent, quality sleep and designing realistic strategies to improve your patterns for successful sleep habits.

You are ready to feel focused again, productive and emotionally at ease.


Week 1 - Exploring Your Current Sleeping Habits

We will explore your current sleep-lifestyle practices and examine the patterns that are sabotaging your desire for dependable, restful sleep night after night.  You will begin to identify adjustments you can make in your day-to-day activities to enhance your nighttime needs.

Week 2 - Examining the Impact of Fatigue

This week we will discover the impact that sleeplessness and fatigue has on your body and brain.  You will begin to make connections between current sleep practices and your physical, cognitive and emotional self.

Week 3 - Mindset Shift Challenge

We will take time this week to carefully explore the mindset roadblocks that are standing in your path.  By understanding the meaning you place on your thoughts and actions, you are poised to overcome barriers (real and perceived) and shape your enhanced sleep transformation.

Week 4 - Moving from Awareness to Action

It is time to put it all together!  Together we will design your plan for the next 3-months - mapping out your continued lifestyle choices that will support consistent, high-quality sleep each night.

My coaching services are available in-person, by phone or virtual meeting.  My work with each client is unique to her own goals, strengths and needs.  

*For some women, fatigue can be a symptom of a medical issue.  Please consult with your physician to rule out any medical causes for symptoms you are experiencing.