My 12-Week Reset is designed for women who are ready to sleep the way they did before the business of life got in the way.

This program is perfect for women who are tired of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and are ready for improved energy, focus and productivity.

Prolonged fatigue is intricately linked to changes in energy, sleep, healing, mood, nutrition and focus. For the majority of women, sleep deprivation and fatigue are not caused by a medical problem*, but rather lifestyle habits that have developed over time.

You are ready to change that!

By exploring your current lifestyle patterns, goals for growth and sources of support, you will learn how to create action steps for sustainable change.

My one-to-one coaching will support you every step of the way. This exciting work includes:

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Cheri really worked to find what worked for me. She has never-ending patience and will keep trying new techniques until she finds what works. I would recommend her coaching program, 100%.
— Shawn Straub

My 12-Week Reset is available for $1297. I offer payment options that best suit your needs. One-to-one coaching is available in-person, by phone or virtual meeting.

*For some people, fatigue can be a symptom of a medical issue.  Please consult with your physician to rule out any medical causes for symptoms you are experiencing.