A bad night’s sleep is doing more than making you tired.

Here is what it’s costing you:

poor focus
low energy
relationship conflicts
decreased productivity
impaired memory
health problems

You deserve a good night’s sleep.

By pinpointing the lifestyle patterns that are sabotaging your sleep, you will learn to get a better night’s sleep, without medication.

You will move from feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, to feeling energized, focused and productive every day!


One-to-One Coaching

Coaching services are available in-person, by phone or video conference.

Together we will select the coaching program that gives you what you need now.

All coaching is tailored to your needs, strengths and goals for better sleep.

12-Week Reset

My 12-Week Reset is designed for women experiencing prolonged sleep issues. We will discover the root cause of what has been making it difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake feeling rested and energized. You will feel supported along the way as you learn to create new habits for better sleep.

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4-Week Kickstart

If difficulty getting a good night sleep is a recent development for you, my 4-Week Kickstart will help you discover how this pattern developed. Together we will design action steps that will make fatigue a thing of the past, so you can feel energized, focused and productive again.

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Enhance your focus, flexibility, strength and sleep by starting (or growing) your practice.

A regular yoga practice contributes to improved mood, more daytime energy and reduced feelings of stress - all contributing to better sleep at night.

Classes are designed for all levels of yoga practitioner.

Cheri will help you find the courage and strength to do the work.
— Coaching Client

Meet Cheri:

When a woman gets the sleep she needs, it impacts every part of her life.

Whether you are a working woman, a mother of a school-aged-child or both, improving your sleep is possible.

I tailor my coaching services to your specific needs, helping you get the good night’s sleep you’ve has always wanted.

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